[Nippon Traffic Advertising] Release

Since traffic advertisements are public places, advertisements are posted according to the policy of the media company.It is not possible to publish the specific advertising location (electric railway name, station name, building name, etc.) before in advance.🙇‍♀️

If you wish to announce it on SNS after the start of publication,2 weeks before the advertisementIt is necessary to ask the media to judge the posting contents (text and image)!

⚠️Point on the release⚠️

This is a release that is common to all electric railways.

Please be sure to check the precautions to advertise safely and securely.🙇‍♀️

⚠️Point on the release⚠️
  • If the examination is approved, the announcement of the place where the advertisement is posted isAfter 14:00 on the day of the advertisementPlease post to.
  • Depending on the advertisementMedia prohibited on SNSThere is also.
  • The posting time of the station poster is usually scheduled for noon, but it may be in the evening depending on the work status.
  • Please write the notation of the electric railway name correctly.In addition, route marks and logo cannot be used.
  • Please refrain from acting to take photos, which will inhibit the flow in public.
    (NG example) If you see it, please tweet with the photo!
  • When creating a station diagram,surelyProduced originallyplease.

Please read the precautions carefully and fill in the release application for each electric railway.😊

In addition, apart from the announcement, if the place where the place of advertising is not identified such as "station posters will be posted in Tokyo", it is no problem to notify on SNS in advance. If there is no details of the posting location, the posting period can be described.

Each electric railway release application form

Please read carefully the precautions for each electric railway and submit it.

Please download and use the application form from each Electric Railway.

JR East

Tokyo Metro

Tokyu Shibuya

JR West



The above application formData sharing servicePlease contact us by LINE😊