Miniature car production

We start offering miniature cars as returns!

You can now provide a new miniature car as a return product of Krafan!

Many recommended advertisements can only be seen locally, such as poster ads and street vision ads, so they can only be stored in photos.😢

but,If it is a wrapping bus, the actual design can be reproduced to 1/100 size and left as a miniature car!🚌❤️

▲ Actual wrapping bus

▲ Miniature cars that reproduce wrapping buses

The actual wrapping bus is faithfully reproduced and it is very cute! !✨

There is no doubt that the clavan supporters will be pleased because the recommended advertisements of the invested projects remain as a souvenir.💖

By all means, please implement a wrapping bus advertisement with a crappy and try to create a miniature car as a return product.

Product content 

▲ Miniature car body

▲ Package

material Die-cast
size Total length 120mm
1/100 scale
price 180,279 yen/10 pieces
Minimum ordering lot 10 pieces
Design reproduction Inkjet paint full -scale
package Product exposure due to blister specifications
* Production of only miniature cars is also possible