Banner ads around SM

Benefits of advertising around the office

The advantage of issuing Senil ads around the office isThe probability of an idol himself taking an advertisement and authentication shot is highis!

Some idols actually released Senil ads near SM and uploaded authentication shots to SNS 🥰

It's very nice for fans to go to see the advertisements you have.♪

 Flag advertisement near SM and EXO Sefun certification shot

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Overview of banner ads

Banner ads installed on walls such as convenience stores and cafes!

It can be installed in front of the idol office, so it is a popular medium in Korea as an idol support advertisement.♪

Introducing banner advertisements that can be installed around SM Entertainment to which NCT and AESPA belong to.

Convenience store GS25

Speaking of Korean convenience stores, GS25! In Korea, you can install a banner on the wall of the famous convenience store chain!

If there is an idol advertisement at a convenience store used by many people, it will definitely attract many people's gaze.✨

The positional relationship of the advertising medium is as follows😌  

Because it is in front of SM, it seems that the idol himself will see it!

Store name GS25 성동 센터점 (CastleCenter store)
울 성동 성동 왕십 89 성동 민 종합 센터 1 층
Seoul Joto -ku, Soujuri Road 89 Joto Ward Corporation General Sports Center 1st floor)
Post period
4th / 1 week
Operation time 24 -hour business

About price

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Flow until the start of advertising

 The flow to start the advertisement is as follows😊


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Enter the application form.
If there is no problem with the content, we will pay.
Advertising frame secure
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Advertising production
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Material submission & screening ( 2 weeks ago)
Submit it to the media company and perform the media screening.
Start of advertising
If you receive the media screening, you will start advertising on the specified date!

About application

Deadline for applying

The application deadline is one month before the start of the ad.

During the first period, you can apply for only one set of first, so we recommend that you contact us two months ago.😊

How to apply

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