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"I want to give an advertisement to Korea but I do not know where to get a land, I don't know where to get advertising!" Introducing the subway advertisement & bus shelter ad near the office!

Please refer to by all means♪

* The contents of the description are the contents of October 2021, so it may be changed.

* There is no medium listed. Please contact us for details.


Around Hybe

Hybe has many popular artists such as BTS, TXT, EnHYPEN, and the office is Ryuyama(Yongsan)It is located in the ward!

It may be seen by the person because you can get an ad in front of the office of the office.✨

Idol OfficeBus sheltersubway

After all it can be put in front of the officeBus shelter adIs the most popular, and the competition for securing advertising is intense.💦

Of course there are possible media depending on the time, so please contact us!

Bus shelter (03-259)

The subway near Hybe is Niuncho Station♪

To Shin-Ryama Station,Wide adorDigital Comprehensive Information BoardDID advertisement, Multivision etc. may be ^ ^

Shinryu Mountain Station Digital Comprehensive Information Board Big Screen


Around JYP

JYP belongs to artists such as Twice, Straykids, Itzy, Niziu♪

Office is located near Olympic Park, Tunchondon Station, and manyBus shelterThere is ^ ^

Idol OfficeBus sheltersubway

Bus shelter Korean Senior AdvertisingBus shelter ad

Also, in the nearby Olympic Parklight boxorWide adThere is♪


SM, around Cube

SM and CUBE are located in Sondon Ward, Gangnam-ku!

Idol OfficeBus sheltersubway

There are several stations around the office, but the recommendation isCM monitororPoster advertisementYes ^ ^

Dai entrance station CM monitor


Dai entrance station poster advertisement



Mapo Ward has various idol offices such as Woollim, OUI, WM, YG, KQ, C9 ^ ^

Because you are a lot of young people such as Honda, you can see the Senior Advertising to many people♪

Idol OfficeBus sheltersubway


Aii Station CM monitor

If you want to give an impact ad, it is installed in the transfer walkway of Hiroya Entra Station-Airport Railway,Digital SignageIt is recommended!

Senior advertising Korea
Digital Signage (Hiroya Entra Station-Airport Railway Transfer Avai)



The Gangnam-ku area is located in various idol offices such as Starship, FNC, Top Media, P Nation, Play M, Fantagio♪

Idol OfficeBus sheltersubway

Many offices around each officeBus shelterIs established, but since the bus shelter in Gangnam-ku is high, the grade (about 160,000 yen)fromIt will be.

Cheap media are installed at Gangnam Ward Agency Station and Nonhon StationCM monitorIs popular♪ 

It is installed at Gangnam StationDID advertisementIt is also a gorgeous and recommended ^ ^

Gangnam Station DID Advertisement



Mamamoo and RBWOneus, OneWe, Purple K! SS etc. belongs!

Before the officeBus shelterBecause it is installed, it is great to be able to see the person♪

Idol OfficeBus sheltersubway