Poster advertisement

Introducing poster ads for Nippon Station advertising!


Overview of poster ads

Format and number of days

Poster ads are printed materials installed on the station premises.

Cheering advertisements decorated at the station where people gather will attract attention✨

The minimum posting period7 daysis.



For the size of poster advertisingThree types of B0, B1, B2there is!

The most popular is B0 poster♪

▲ B0 poster

 Production guide

B0 size 145.6 * vertical 103 cm
B1 size Width 72.8 *103 cm long
Color Cmyk

* Please attach a dragonfly (trim mark) to the submitted data.

Recommended station introduction

Here are some of the popular stations where poster ads are possible!

Please contact us by LINE as it can be arranged other than the stations that are not introduced.







JR East

grade station B0 B1
S Shinjuku / Shibuya 110,000 yen ~ 60,000 yen ~
A Ikebukuro 100,000 yen ~ 40,000 yen ~

* Because Shin -Okubo Station has a narrow passage inside the station, it is posted on support advertisements.

Tokyo Metro

grade station B0 B1
Shinjuku / Shibuya / Ikebukuro / Shinjuku Sanchome / Roppongi
90,000 yen ~ 40,000 yen ~


Osaka prefecture

JR West

grade station B0 B1
Osaka station
100,000 yen ~ 50,000 yen~

 Osaka metro

grade station B0 B1
Namba Station /Umeda Station
80,000 yen ~ 40,000 yen ~

Hyogo prefecture

JR West

grade station B0 B1
Sannomiya Station
80,000 yen ~ 40,000 yen ~

Nagano Prefecture

JR East

grade station B0 B1
D Nagano 30,000 yen~ 20,000 yen~

Okayama Prefecture

JR West

grade station B0 B1
50,000 yen~ 30,000 yen~
4Ten thousand yen~
2Ten thousand yen~
2Ten thousand yen~
1Ten thousand yen~

Conditions for issuing Japan Station ads

At present, Japanese station advertisements are more difficult to judge than other advertising media.

but,You can do it if you clear the following criteria!

* The screening standards vary depending on the electric railway.

1. Submit a license certificate

When issuing a Japanese station advertisementSubmit a certificate of permission from an idol office to the mediumYou need to.

* E -mail history is also possible


2. Advertising items

In the case of JR, in the design of station advertisingThe following 3 pointsMust be included.

  1. Public advertise
  2. Group name
  3. Group contact example) SNS account name, URL, etc.

The advertising sentence is to announce "New single release" and "enrollment of fan clubs".

The sentences such as "Happy Birthday" alone are not considered public documents and are not judged.

Depending on the location of the post, there may be additional conditions, so please contact us separately!


Flow to advertising


First of all, please check the flow by Automatic Chat of LINE!
If you have any other questions, please contact us as the staff will respond.
* We are closed on weekends and holidays.

Enter the application form
Once the desired medium is decided, enter the application form.
(To the third hope)
Confirmation contact
The person in charge will give you a confirmation notification on LINE.
If there is no problem with the content, we will pay.
(Bank transfer)
Advertising production
We will make design.
Material examination
Submit it to the media company and perform the media screening.
Decision of posting location
If you receive the screening, the posting location will be officially decided.
Start of advertising
Advertising starts on the specified date!


  • The flow of Japanese station advertisements is different from other advertisements, and the media cannot be confirmed unless advertising data first.
  • It is not always possible to secure a frame of the desired medium. If you cannot secure the desired frame, we will refund the advertising fee.
  • Advertising production costs cannot be refunded after production.



Please read the following notes in advance.



 How much is the agency commission?
A. Please contact us for details, as it depends on the amount of the launch.
 When should I apply by?
A. Please apply at least one month before the broadcast start date.
* The submission deadline is up to 21 business days before the start of posting.
Can you advertise on your own?
A. Depending on the electric railway, it may be possible to put it out by individual, but basically it can only be served in groups.
Is it possible to receive a poster after posting?
A. If you would like to receive a poster, you can hand it over if you contact us in advance. (Shipping fee will be charged separately.)