★Recommended room★You can stay at a hotel surrounded by the push! Senil Crafan Return Introduction

What is the recommended room?

What is the recommended room?It is a hotel room decorated with "recommended specifications" beds, pillows, posters, cushions, etc.!

It is a dream -like room where you can stay in a space surrounded by the push.💖

If you stay at a hotel in the room on a live expedition, etc., you will be able to enjoy even more activities.😍

There is no doubt that the hotel room surrounded by the recommendation will look SNS.✨

Started as a return of Senil Crafan!

this time,The recommended room can now be provided to the Senil Crafan supporters as a return!👏

Senil Crafan's planners are the travel agency "Seoul Friendship Tour Co., Ltd." (http://www.seoultomo.com/) If you launch a joint project with), you can include a room in the return product.✨

Usually, original goods are often created and provided as a return product for crafts,

 With the desire to provide a return that will make the supporters happy even more, we have added a new [recommended room] as a return.

Since the content of the return may affect the achievement of the project, it can be expected to gather more support for the impactful return.💪🏻

What is Senil Crafan? 

Contents of the recommended room



Pillowcase cushion


Big poster








The slogan and mug can be taken home by the guest.♪

If you have any other decorations, please contact us.

A hotel with a recommended room

[Korea] Lotte Hotel Seoul

Name of facility Lotte Hotel Soul
address Soul, Naka -ku, Seoul 30 Otsui Rotte Hotel Soul
울 특별 중 을 을 30 롯데 호텔 호텔 울
Room type Speller room (standard)
Number of guests 2 people

Flow to implementation

Apply to Senil Crafan (recommended for 2 and a half months ago)
First of all, please apply to Senil Crafan.
Determination of project content / return product
Decide the project content.
Hotel reservation
I will book a hotel room.
Project start
We will publish a project to recruit supporters.
Send to the target supporter "Recommended Room Accommodation Application Form"
After the deadline for the recruitment of the support money, we will send the application form to the person eligible for the recommended room.
Decorative data production
Create design data for the decoration of the recommended room.
Submit to a printing company (3 weeks ago)
Submit to a printing company and make it.
Provided to supporters
The supporters of the target will stay in the room on the reservation date!

How to provide

⚫︎ It is possible to include a "recommended room accommodation application" for a return product of Senil Crafan Project of 15,000 yen or more.

The "Promotion Room Accommodation Application Ticket" is the right to make a reservation for accommodation from the "Recruitment Room Accommodation Application Form" sent to the target supporters after the deadline for the recruitment of support.

⚫︎ The planner will determine the implementation date before the start of the Senil Crafan Project and make a hotel reservation via our company. (Recommended 2 months ago)

The implementation period of the recommended room is 3 months,Can be implemented only every SundayWill be. (Limited to one set per day)

⚫︎ After the deadline for recruitment of the support money, we will send the "Recommended Room Accommodation Application Form" to the target supporters at the specified date and time.

If the target supporter selects the desired accommodation date and sends the form, the application will be completed.

⚫︎ Applications are limited to one set per day, and are on a first -come, first -served basis.

About hotel reservations

Reservation time

2 months ago (recommended)

Since there is a decorative production period, the application before the last may not be in time.

In addition, it is recommended that you apply as soon as possible, as the reservation may be filled as soon as possible during large holidays and concert days.

About cancellation if you do not achieve the target amount

You can cancel until one month ago.



Contents included in the service

Accommodation expenses, goods production expenses, decorative expenses


Contents not included in the service

Mobile costs to air tickets, meals, and hotels