[Refund policy] Senior Ads Agency JAPAN

If the product has arrived at hand, please check that something different from the order is sent or if the product is not insufficient.

[About initial defect]
Although the quality has fully fully, we will receive a return or exchange if there is a damage or defective product. The return shipping cost will be paid by our shop.

Be sure to contact me by email or phone within 7 days after receiving the product.

In the case of the initial failure of large products, we will exchange bad parts.

It is trouble, but sticking a picture of the corrupted and defective part, and please contact us as much as possible.

Please do not discard cardboard etc. that are packaged until it is confirmed that there is no defect in the product.

We will respond as soon as possible, but please note that it may not be able to exchange immediately depending on the status of inventory.

For refunds for returns with defective products, we will refund you to your designated account promptly.

Customer packaging is required when delivering the product to a delivery company for a large assembly product. Sorry, please pack the package to the state at the time of product delivery.

After product delivery, be sure to check the package product when you use third-party services such as business trip assembly on the customer.

We do not use business trip assembly, business trip assembly, business trip costs, etc., such as discovery of breakage and parts shortage, etc. at the time of assembly, such as making business trips at the same time as product delivery.

Please note that returns and replacement if it is over 8 days from delivery can not be accepted.

[About cancellation, return / exchange by customer convenience]

This shop will be a [Complete prepayment system].

The refund after payment completion is not accepted in this shop. However, it is possible to refund or cancel compatible only if the service provided by this shop or the media company is not performed on the shop side or the media company.

Also, because this shop is "mail order site", it will be out of the scope of the cooling off. Please note.

Cancellation policy for cap holder production>

Please note that the refund after the product shipment is not acceptable by the characteristics of the service agency for the customer's convenience (other than the initial defects and mistransfusion).
However, if you want to return the product of the product, it may be possible to comply with only the returned goods. The return shipping cost of then will be borne by the customer. Please send it back at "Prepayment".

It is possible to cope with the original product's defect, depleting and refund due to the negligence of our shop. In that case, please contact our shop within 8 days after arrival.
※ The following case is an example of "customer convenient return".
· Returns without any reason
· It takes time due to a reason that deviates from the scope of common sense, such as a very different scope of common sense, such as "the texture of the product, the color of the product is slightly different", and "there is a small scratch that does not know unless you look at the product." Returns due to the reason not to wait
· Returns if the product does not like, such as "heavy and light", "heavy, light", "smell", "unbearable", etc.
· Returns for reasons such as arrival date and time
· It is difficult to understand the manual, and returned goods due to the not included with parts such as screws for installation
· Cup holder design, returned goods due to the fact that the print finish was different (the design that the shop side was conveyed and the product that deviantly deviates that it deviates to the product is compatible) Cancellation, return / returned goods, and if you can not exchange it, the above target product is Cancellation, return / exchange can not be made.
· Products that have been elaborated for 8 days of delivery
· Products that have been assembled with products and one place used at one time
· Products that were foubled and damaged by customers
· Customers who are not handled in our shop (such as large products that are mainly damaged)
· Fabric fabric and fabric are not unused
· Lighting fixtures, light bulbs, remodeled products that have been energized at once

With the following vicious acts, if our shop or many good guests have bothered and damaged, we will immediately submit damage to the police, and disclose the information to the provider from the police, or the temporary disposal of our shop disclosed We will apply for the court, exercise disclosure instructions, and identify the naughty orderer and require damages.
1) If you ordered a fictional or others' personal information (name, address, phone number, etc.) without permission.
2) Other If there is an act that causes annoying and damaging, it applies.